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Elevate Your Protection to Unparalleled Heights, Ensure Complete Coverage with Natural Whitening.
Indulge in the assurance of fully legal and protected cosmetic teeth whitening experiences with Natural Whitening.

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Immerse yourself in the exclusive realm of Natural Whitening, the sole provider of teeth whitening insurance in the UK. As the distinguished pioneers in training and insurance, we offer a unique proposition that no other company can replicate.

Experience the Unrivalled Advantage

When you choose Natural Whitening, you not only benefit from our exceptional training programs but also gain access to comprehensive insurance coverage. We go beyond the ordinary to safeguard both you and your business, setting new benchmarks in personalization and protection.

Flexible Payment Options

Our insurance policy can be conveniently paid in a single, hassle-free instalment or divided into three monthly payments. At Natural Whitening, we prioritize your convenience and flexibility, ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way. Rest assured, all our training awards are registered with an FCA-registered Insurance broker, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

Unveiling the Coverage

Your peace of mind is our utmost priority. Our insurance cover includes:

Public Liability Insurance

Shielding you from unforeseen circumstances, our coverage provides an essential layer of protection for your business.

£2 Million Limit of Indemnity

Rest easy knowing that non-peroxide cosmetic teeth whitening appointments carried out in the UK are safeguarded by a substantial limit of indemnity.


Comprehensive coverage against any malpractice incidents, ensuring a secure and professional environment for your clients.

Breach of Professional Duty

Our coverage extends to protect you in the event of a breach of professional duty, reaffirming our commitment to your well-being.

Professional Indemnity

Elevate your protection to new heights with our professional indemnity coverage, safeguarding your expertise and reputation.

Appointment Liability

Embrace the confidence of knowing that appointment liability is covered, offering reassurance and stability for your business.

Public Liability

Be equipped with robust protection against unforeseen incidents involving public liability, ensuring a secure environment for your clients.

Various Other Extensions

Our policy offers a range of additional extensions, tailored to provide comprehensive coverage as outlined in the policy document.

Experience the Unparalleled Difference with Natural Whitening

Discover the uncharted territory of personalized and comprehensive teeth whitening insurance. Elevate your protection to unparalleled heights with Natural Whitening as your trusted partner. Request a quote today and unlock a world of unrivalled assurance